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Our Accepted Insurances

Please see below for information about pricing, insurance, and good faith estimate:



  • NEW PATIENT ADHD WITHOUT INSURANCE up to 1 hour @ $200.00
  • NEW PATIENT WITHOUT INSURANCE up to1 hour @ $180.00
  • NEW PATIENT ADULT AUTISM ASSESSMENT up to 1 hour @ $200.00
  • Existing Patient Revisit up to 15 minutes @ $65.00

This is only an estimate, subject to your status, preference, and provider preference:

    • The first revisit is typically two weeks or one month after the initial appointment.
    • Subsequent revisits are one month after any medication change or period of instability.
    • If stable on present mediation, visits are every 3months for the continuation of care and medications.
    • If you require a controlled medication, you need a once-a-month visit.
    • You may see us more often per your preference.
    • Patients prescribed controlled medications have a visit once a month if prescribed controlled medications.

If you have questions about the frequency of those visits, you may reach out via text, email, or portal. We will request a visit if it has been longer than the above frequency.