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Who Can Benefit from Counseling?

Counseling is an essential form of care that can provide a virtually endless list of benefits to people of all backgrounds and needs. The truth is that everybody can benefit from counseling, not just people experiencing a crisis or dealing with a mental health disorder. People who are happy, fulfilled, and successful can benefit from […]

What Are the Benefits of Counseling?

There are essentially limitless benefits of counseling as it can help people deal with nearly any issue they are experiencing. However, many benefits follow a specific theme, such as clarifying a problem, coping with depression, developing increased confidence, exploring opportunities for change, improving personal skills, learning to make better decisions, and managing anxiety. Common concerns […]

What Are the Types of Insomnia?

There are a number of different types of insomnia characterized by causes and duration. Primary insomnia is a sleep disorder that is not caused by an underlying medical condition, while secondary insomnia is a sleep disorder that is caused by an underlying medical or psychological condition. Primary insomnia is usually caused by factors such as […]

What Is the Main Cause of Insomnia?

There are various causes of insomnia, including physical and mental health conditions, medications, lifestyle factors, and environmental factors. However, stress and anxiety are the most common causes of insomnia. When people experience stress, their bodies release stress hormones like cortisol, which increases their heart rate and makes them more alert. This state of heightened alertness […]

How Addiction Affects the Brain?

Addiction can have significant effects on the brain’s structure and function. Substance abuse can alter the brain’s reward system, leading to a cycle of compulsive drug-seeking behaviors, and impair decision-making, impulse control, and judgment. When an individual uses a substance, it triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in reward […]

What Is an Addiction?

An addiction is defined as compulsive behavior or substance use due to a chronic brain disorder that involves the processes of reward, motivation, and memory. As such, addictions occur when, after repeated use or activity, your body experiences intense cravings that a particular substance or activity alone can satisfy, causing a compulsive or obsessive pursuit […]

How Do I Know If I Have Anxiety?

Your doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist can diagnose anxiety through discussions and questionnaires. Symptoms of anxiety can include:

What Is Depression?

Depression is a common but serious mood disorder that causes a person to feel sad, depressed, and hopeless, often with no identifiable reason. It can also cause a person to lose interest in activities that were previously enjoyable and can affect eating habits, causing an individual to overindulge or avoid eating altogether, leading to a […]

Can a Psychiatrist Help with Anxiety?

Psychiatrists are well-equipped to diagnose and treat anxiety. Your psychiatrist will likely provide you with medications and regular psychotherapy sessions. Your anxiety medication has a higher chance of working when paired with coping strategies learned in therapy. Everyone is different and will require a highly individualized treatment plan. Lifestyle changes can also affect your anxiety […]

What Triggers ADHD in Adults?

ADHD is a mental health condition that can’t be cured or prevented. In most cases, ADHD has been present since the adult was a child, although it may go undiagnosed if the symptoms are mild or are written off as being part of the child pushing boundaries or just being a kid. The symptoms of […]

How Do I Get an Official Test for ADHD?

While there is no single medical, physical, or genetic test for ADHD, a diagnostic evaluation can be performed by a licensed mental health professional or physician. This may be your primary health physician, an ADHD specialist, or another certified healthcare professional. Your chosen practitioner will assess for ADHD using multiple testing methods. These may include […]